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ores and concentrates


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Lewer Corporation is an Australia privately owned company, established in 1972, head office in Sydney, specialising in natural resources and the sourcing, supply and distribution of mineral and metal related raw materials.

Mining and Mining Finance

Lewer acts as principal in the financing of mining ventures in Australia and has been associated with successful producing public mining companies, especially those related to copper, tin and zinc. Whilst mostly acting as principal, in some instances Lewer acts as marketing agent for mine production. In past years Lewer has sold, or arranged sale of in excess of US$100 million of refined copper annually.

Domestic Distribution

Lewer imports and distributes throughout Australasia a wide range of mineral, metal and metal based chemicals. Lewer also distributes domestically sourced raw material for a wide range of industries such as cable makers, glass factories, fertilizer manufacturers, and steel mills and foundries.


Lewer processes various mineral and metal products at sites at Port Kembla (NSW) and at Adelaide (SA). Various minerals are sourced and processed for industry.

Mining Rehabilitation Services Pty. Limited

Involved in the recovery of metals from mine leach pads/tailings and the rehabilitation of mine sites in an environmentally responsible manner and in accordance with the requirements of government agencies. Lewer 40%.

Metal Producing

Lewer (through a substantial shareholding in Pacific Rare Specialty Metals and Chemicals Inc., Manila, PRSM&C) is the world?s largest producer of tellurium and a very substantial producer of selenium. Lewer sources all raw materials for this operation and provides marketing services for end metal and chemical products produced by PRSM&C.

Acid Storage and Distribution

Lewer is a 50% shareholder in Queensland Terminals Pty. Limited, Townsville, where sulphuric acid is imported, exported and locally distributed.

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